About us

General description and expertise
Since 1996 Sananet plays a prominent role in the eHealth market. In the Netherlands our company is one of the pioneers in this field. We helped over 7,500 patients in 2.000.000 session days with a compliance of 82%.

eHealth solutions
Sananet develops and provides medically validated eHealth solutions for people with chronic health problems. We offer online programs for patients with diseases such as chronic heart failure (CHF), COPD and Diabetes Mellitus 2 (DM2).

In 2009 Sananet started SananetOnline: a medical internet platform for developing and offering eHealth services to support the management of patients with the most common chronic diseases. SananetOnline is also used to support pharma-economic research into the effectiveness of pharmacological and non-pharmacological intervention therapies.

Chronic diseases are the leading cause of mortality and morbidity in Europe and other Western countries. A significant contribution to the burden of chronic diseases is the concurrence of co-morbidities. The current care approach for patients with co-morbidities is neither capable to deliver personalised care nor to halt the on-going increase of its socio-economic burden.

Sananet and its partners aim to improve the complete care process for patients with a chronic disease to improve outcome and quality of life while reducing costs. This will be achieved by developing standardised yet personalised, patient-oriented online coaching and ICT solutions that support evidence-based clinical decision making as well as interaction between all stakeholders. Focus remains on the patients and their relatives to improve self-management.
This innovative approach will significantly impact several aspects of care including:

(1) empowering patients to enhance and manage their personal life; (2) supporting management of chronic diseases with co-morbidities and (3) improving care for chronic diseases in general.